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EnvIn - Environmental Innovation- Env  In
 Sustainable Paths for Tomorrow
SunriseWe have launched this website to help us diffuse our idea of future and get closer to the people. We think that the climate crisis is no longer deniable and everyone with a conscience should try to do something before we will run out of time. A better waste management it is one of the pillars of the new society. Envin industrial vision is composed of a diffuse network of small industrial sites all across the Europe. They have to be small to reduce the environmental cost of waste transportation and their impact to the territory. Small sites are also easily adaptable to a product which is continuously changing, and can be powered by using only renewable energy. Every site will be the core of a new economy which is circular. A waste stream enters the site while multiple raw materials streams exit. Transporters and collectors are going to be needed. New kind of workers, half social operator and half technicians will be needed to gather the cooperation of the population while diffusing good practices in waste management. Thousands of new jobs will be created this way while Europe will mitigate its historical need for importation of raw materials.





First Sicilian firm in SPIN rank

With 71 points, Envin is the first sicilian reality in the national ranking of the SPIN scale-up programme.

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SME Instr. Phase 1 Coach

The Corporate Account Manager of Siemens, Hans-Juergen Pelloth, has travelled to Palermo to guide us.

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SPIN programme

Invitalia presented its new programme for innovative SME of the southern Italy.

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