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Envin is the first Sicilian company in the SPIN programme selection!

More than 100 applications for the SPIN programme selection. Among 15 Innovative SME, 96 Startups and 7 university Spinoffs Envin has qulified as the first sicilian enterprise and the 6th in Italy. This success will give Envin access to a digital business scale-up programme, a personal tutor and plenty of other services provided by Invitalia.


SME instrument phase 1 coaching activity

It has been a hard weekend of working for Envin! We met Hans-Juergen Pelloth, Corporate Account Manager at Siemens and our business coach in the framework of the SME instrument phase 1 H2020 EU project. The clarity of his vision has unveiled possibilities of our project that we could never have seen alone.
Thank you Mr. Pelloth!


SPIN programme presentation


Constructive discussion on SPIN today in the beautiful location of Villa Riso in Palermo.
SPIN is the new Invitalia program specifically designed to support companies that, like Envin, are innovative and operate in southern Italy.
The selected companies will be able to enjoy training and tutoring from ELITE in a process of approaching the capital markets.
Fingers crossed!



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SME Instrument phase 1 starts!


It officially starts today the technical feasibility and commercial potential assessment of Envin’s PCBIS project financed by the European Union’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Instrument, Phase 1.

Using this tool, we will be able to explore every aspect of our project bringing out critical points with the aim to figure smart solutions before these may represent an obstacle to idea’s full development.

Thanks Europe!


Envin’s PCBIS project has received funding from the European Union’ s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 876170.